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Hexane is an alkane (saturated hydrocarbon) compound with the chemical formula C6H14. It is a colorless liquid insoluble in water and is often used as an organic solvent. It is also known as n-hexane or regular-hexane.



Hexane is an isomer of hexane, an alkane containing six carbon atoms on the hydrocarbon chain. The carbon atoms are connected by single bonds and are completely saturated with hydrogen atoms. Hexane has a variety of applications in oil refineries, the chemical industry, laboratories and industrial processes.



Hexane is commonly used as a solvent because it can dissolve many organic substances. It is also preferred as a solvent in various reactions in chemistry laboratories. It is also used in the manufacture of polymers and plastics. Hexane's low boiling point and volatility make it easy to use in a variety of chemical and industrial processes. However, it should be noted that hexane is flammable and should be handled with care.

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